ACA_logoDo you have questions about how the Affordable Care Act will effect you?  We’re offering 2 programs in the next 2 weeks by experts who can provide some answers.

Affordable Care Act Presentation

Tuesday, January 7, 7:00 pm

Ryan Allen, franchise owner of Liberty Tax in Kent will be here to discuss the Affordable Care Act’s effect on your taxes. He will also discuss recent changes to tax laws and how social security effects your taxes.

No registration required.

Healthcare Reform and the Insurance Marketplace

Monday, January 13, 7:00
Martin P. Hauser, Chief Executive Officer of SummaCare Inc. and Chief Government Relations Officer for Summa Health System, will discuss the state and local impact of the Affordable Care Act. Hauser will cover the insurance marketplaces that opened to consumers this fall, post-reform strategies for employers, and the essential health benefits covered under the law. He’ll also answer the important question, “What happens next?”
No registration required.