The library is pleased to announce that we have replaced our public photocopiers with three new, easy to use machines.

Two copiers are located next to the Check Out Desk on the first floor in the Copy Center; one is on the second floor in the computer lab.

Black and white copies are $.10 and color are $.25 each.  The machines take bills or coins; unfortunately the new copiers no longer accept a Kent Free Library card or a print card for discounted payment.

However, one feature of these new copiers is that they can scan documents.  You may quickly scan your documents and either save them to a flash drive or email them to yourself, then open and print your documents out in the 2nd floor computer lab.  The computer lab printers do still accept the KFL card or print card.

For more assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the library staff.  We’ll be happy to show you how to use these efficient new machines!

Scan and Email Documents



The new color copier in the first floor Copy Center, just to the left of the Check Out Desk.






The main menu screen.  Touch E-mail to begin the scanning process.







Touch “New Recipient” to a keyboard to type in one or more email address.  Touch the green Add button after each address, then touch Close when you are finished.DSCN1801








DSCN1802Time to Scan!  Press the large green Start button.  The screen will show the progress of your scan.