Students entering grades 5 through 8 are welcome to participate in the Read Together Book Group! Each month participants read one book selected by the group members the month before. On the first Wednesday of each month, we meet to discuss and choose a book for the following month. Parents/guardians are welcome to read the selections as well and join in on the meetings and discussions! The book selection for this meeting is listed below.

Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

At once heartbreaking and hopeful, this absorbing novel centers on Doug, 14, who has an abusive father, a bully for a brother, a bad reputation, and shameful secrets to keep. Teachers and police and his relatives think he’s worthless, and he believes them, holding others at arm’s length. Newly arrived in town, he starts out on the same path—antagonizing other kids, mouthing off to teachers, contemptuous of everything intimidating or unfamiliar. Who would have thought that the public library would turn out to be a refuge and an inspiration, that a snooty librarian might be a friend, or that snarky redheaded Lil would like him—really like him? With more than his share of pain, including the return of his oldest brother from the Vietnam War, shattered and angry, will Doug find anything better than “okay for now”?

This book is available in both eAudiobook and eBook formats for download through Hoopla and Libby. There are also hard copies and audiobooks available.