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SearchOhio and OhioLink

How to Request Items

Use the library’s catalog to perform a search. Make sure the item(s) you want to request are not currently available at any of the Portage Library Consortium libraries.

If the item is not in the local system, your results list will show results around your search terms, with a space saying, “Your entry would be here” and icons for SearchOhio and OhioLink.  Click on the one of the icons to view a results list for participating libraries.

If you find an item in the local system, but no copies are available, you may order the item through SearchOhio or OhioLink.  Make sure you are on the item record (the screen where you can see Location, Call Number, and Status), and click on either the SearchOhio or OhioLink icon at the top center of the screen.  You will go directly to the item record in that system.

Requesting the Item

To request an item, you must be on the item record screen in SearchOhio or OhioLink.  If you started searching by author or subject, or if the title has several different formats, you may need to click on the title one or more times to get to the item record.

The item record screen will provide bibliographic information and will have links for “Libraries Have This Item” and “Request This Item.”

You should check the availability of the item before you place your request, to make sure that there is at least one copy of the item that has the Request Status of Available.  If no copies are currently Available, your request will not go through.

After you verify that a copy is available, click on “Request This Title.”  You will be asked to choose your library from a drop down menu.  You then will need to type in your name and the barcode number from the back of your library card (with no spaces) and to choose your preferred pickup location from the drop down list.  Click on Submit, and you will receive confirmation of your request.

What Happens Next?

It usually takes 5 – 14 days for an available item to be delivered.  You will receive a call or an e-mail when the item arrives.  After you are notified, you have 5 days to pick up the item before it is returned to the owning library.

Please note that the late fees for Search Ohio items are $0.50 per day.  Be sure to note the due date on your receipt.  You can renew Search Ohio materials 2 times for an additional two weeks each time unless there is a request on the item.


Message: Cannot request items that are available at your institution.

As long as there is a copy of an item anywhere in Portage County, you cannot request the item through Search Ohio.  Go to the local catalog, do your search, and request the item from a library in the local system.

Message: ID is not valid.

You may have entered your library of affiliation or the barcode incorrectly.  Try again, and be sure you choose the library from which you received your current card (eg, even if you want to pick up the item at the Kent Free Library, if you have a library card from Reed Memorial, you need to choose Reed as the library of affiliation–you’ll be able to choose your pick up location later).  Also make sure the barcode is entered accurately with no spaces.

ID still not working after doublechecking

It could be that your card has expired or you are using a replacement card that still has old information on the account.  Call the library at 330.673.4414 and a librarian will renew your card or update your information.

Message: Problem with your record at your institution.

To request items from Search Ohio, you must have less than $10 in fines on your card and/or no billed items.  You also must have no more than 15 items on hold on your card.  Check Your Account to see your fines and holds.

No notification after a week.

It can take up to 14 days for a Search Ohio request to be processed.  You may call the Kent Free Library to check status.  Occasionally, the lending library cannot find an item.  While some libraries will transfer your request to another copy of the item (if possible), some libraries will cancel the request completely.

Phone calls or emails are not coming through.

Call the library at 330.673.4414 to make sure that we have your information correct on your patron record and that we have your notification preference (phone or e-mail) checked.  If your information is correct, the problem might be that the recorded message on your answering machine is too long and our message to you is not recording.  If you’ve specified to be contacted by e-mail, check your spam folder to make sure our message is not being filtered and add this address to your address book: [email protected].

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